The Second War For Independence

The War of 1812

The four Causes of the War

England and France started to get into a war over in Europe and England tried to do trade and be friends with us so maybe we could help them go against France with them.We done trade with them but they started Impressment with American's and the French which was they would capture people and make them become servants to them on the ship.We also had a problem with the Embargo of 1807,we first started trying to avoid war with England Jefferson our president at the time was getting older and did not want a war so he did an Embargo and all's an Embargo is stop's all communication with all of Europe for a while but he didn't figure that since he did that and we had no exchange with Europe the American economy Suffered.We eventually had "War Hawks" elected because we had to drop the embargo so we had these young mostly southern politician's and what they wanted was a war with Britain because in the south Britain had damaged their trade with Europe.In the West they blamed Britain for all of the Indian Attacks because not to long before this when lewis and clark's journey was around they had found British ammunition and guns in the Native Americans supply.So the people of the West was to go to war with Britain along with the south.A Man from Virginia named Henry Clay and a man from South Carolina named John Calhoun thought to save the country as clay had many economic resolutions and compromises to keep the country from going into a civil war because so many people wanted to go to war with Britain and some did not so it split the country.John .C. Calhoun eventually became Vice President under Andrew Jackson.The Last Straw or Cause of the War was the Native American Attacks,Americans Violated the treaty of Greenville and moved into Indian Territory.The British was still in Western Forts and Moved Indians to Attack Americans.The Native Americans Unite because of a Chief named Tecumseh Began recruiting and uniting tribes to protect there lands.This led to a battle named Tippiconoe which was fought with a future president of America named William Henry Harrison who led his troops against Indians Crushing Tecumseh's Movement.After that war Tecumseh Fled to Canada with the English were he was safe from American People.

Two Battles at one time

The Battles in the War of 1812

The Battle of Baltimore broke out in the war because Britain was moving in and were trying to burn the town including the white house.America got its fellow troops in baltimore and put up a good fight but in the end Britain burned down the White house down even though the president was not in the building.The battle of New Orleans took place in the war as a standoff and surrender for the British and the Americans Andrew Jackson was the General who led the battle.
The War of 1812 - The Battle of New Orleans

The Four Effects the War of 1812 had on America

One of the major effects of the war was it convinced more americans to be patriotic and show support for the country just like Andrew Jackson did he became the next President of the United States of America. The war of 1812 had weakened the American Indians because they were supported by Britain.It also brought up production of materials in America because we no longer relayed on other countries to support us.It also showed that America was a lot stronger than we looked back then.
Battle of New Orleans, In 1814