soldier boy

Dean Hughes

Plot summery

One American Spencer wants to join the war to show a girl what kind of man he is and he joins the Paratroopers and goes through hard training. Then a German boy Dieter who is an HJ leader wanted to join the fight and when he got to the training camp he was ordered to stay by a man named Schafer and the boy thinks that Schafer is always wrong or negative. Then every day that passes they are getting closer to each other then they meet on a hill where they fight. Then the American get the Germans to retreat by using bigger guns. Then that night in the fox hole hey herd a boy crying and mumbling a word that sounded like Schafer. Then Spencer got to go home for his friends funeral and he told the parents how brave he was.


War and how bad it is. Because of all the men that had to die for nothing really. Also all the Jews that hitler killed just because of what he believed in. How he got all the Germans to think it was ok.

Historical event

They are fighting to keep the land of the bulge. So that the Germans don't push through and over take the Americans. The Americans had to work really hard to secure the area. If the Germans would have won the battle of the bulge they would have had a good vantage point to take out the Americans. It only took them a couple days to take the bulge.

Historical event summery

I think the auther portrayed the battle of the bulge really well in the book. The auther made you feel like you were there. He had all the right information on what happend because he had the right landscape and time of year. He expressed it like the boys we're trying hard to win because they were getting shot at and there were bombs being dropped and they were runing away and there troops were getting shot. He made the bulge a pretty good part of the story it was the whole body part.


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