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Same series as the other one about Kaine


Gamer, Tangent, hero


Micheal and his friends, Sarah and Bryson, are all gamers. They are all around 18 years old, and all spend excessive amounts of time in the VirtNet. Micheal was a Tangent without ever noticing it until a few days after an agent from the VNS contacted him about stopping Kaine. Micheal is the main protagonist and point-of-view character.

The Journey, Part 1

The first book starts with Micheal trying to persuade someone out of suicide in the VirtNet. After Tanya, the person he's trying to get away from the edge of a bridge, codes out her Core, Micheal climbs over the rail to attempt forcing her from the edge. This frightens Tanya and she falls, pulling Micheal with her. Micheal then wakes up in his home, fully aware that even though they were in the VirtNet, Tanya was dead in the real world because she lost her Core. The Core helps the brain tell what's real and what's not in the VirtNet. Without it, dying in the VirtNet will actually kill you in your NerveBox. The next morning on his way to school, he is kidnapped by three VNS agents and taken to a secret facility where he meets Agent Weber. She asks him to help in her mission: finding Kaine, killing him, and destroying the Mortality Doctrine. After he agrees to help her, he tells his friends that they need to assist him because he and his friends are skilled at hacking. They follow leads in the VirtNet after talking to a famous barber and club owner to a game where the Path to Kaine's hideout is located. They run into a few KillSims in the club and the club's owner ends up dying. Once they have located the Path in the game, they enter it and follow it to a place called the Hallowed Ravine, Kaine's secret hideout. Along the Path, Bryson and Sarah both get killed by various obstacles. When the two have died and Lifted back to their homes, Micheal finds himself alone on the Path, eventually meeting a program that removes his core and tells him that he has made it to the final stage of the Path. he quickly finds the Hallowed Ravine and Kaine. Within a few hours of his arrival, VNS agents storm the fortress and pretty much destroy it, although they don't destroy the Mortality Doctrine. Kaine personally captures Micheal then uses the Mortality Doctrine on him after he escapes. When Micheal wakes up, he slowly realizes that he was a Tangent and is now a human.

The Journey, Part 2

Several hours after waking up in a new body, Micheal has discovered that he has taken over a teenager named Jackson Porter. Two of Kaine's Tangents that have had the Mortality Doctrine take him to somewhere Kaine told them to, but Micheal escapes and decides he needs to find his friends. after a few days, he finds Sarah. Shortly after meeting her in the real world and convincing her of who he is, her parents get taken. The next day, they go into the VirtNet, find Bryson, and tell him where to meet them in real life. While in the VirtNet, they get caught by Kaine and find out that there is a group of Tangents working against him. They then realize that they can't go back to the VirtNet without Kaine finding them and Try to get help from the VNS. After a failed attempt at contacting Agent Weber and getting arrested for presumably being terrorists and murderers, they go to the real world version of the VNS headquarters that Micheal had been in when Weber first contacted him. She agrees to help them with a code designed to hide them from Kaine. They enter the VirtNet, find where Kaine's central programming is, and are then Lifted. After telling Weber what they found out, she sends them back into the VirtNet and gives them Program called the Lance that will erase any sign of Kaine's existence When used on his central programming. After destroying what they thought was Kaine's central programming, they realize that that they were in the real world and had been set up to destroy the VNS central programming. They get arrested and eventually freed by Sarah's father, who had been a police officer.

The Journey, Part 3

After being freed from prison, Sarah's parents bring the three of them to the group of Tangents working against Kaine. They find out that the Tangent who had been Micheal's caretaker is leading the group. A short time after arriving and seeing the Hive, they meet a second group of Tangents working against Kaine. The second group threatens to kill the entire first group if they do not give them the First, the nickname all Tangents used to identify him after he had been the first success of the Mortality Doctrine. Two of the Tangents from the second group are killed when the first group severs the connection between the host bodies and the souls of their owners in the Hive, which scares the second group off. They plan to go too D.C. to join a UN conference to announce what they know to the world, but make a quick detour to rescue Gabby, Jackson Porter's girlfriend. She had been help captive by the VNS, and Sarah gets killed by a VNS agent that had been in the building. Micheal runs away only to be retrieved shortly afterwards. During the UN conference, Weber shows up and announces to the world that the VNS has found a way to stop Kaine. After several of the UN representatives are killed in a massacre some of Kaine's Tangents started, Micheal gets captured by the VNS and brought to the facility where they plan to take over the world from. In that facility, Micheal steals a NerveBox and goes into the VirtNet to get help from Kaine in bringing down Weber. Soon, Micheal goes back to the Hive and kills Weber, then returns to the Hallowed Ravine to destroy the Mortality Doctrine. At that point, Kaine was fighting them again, but was defeated in a battle between Kaine's Tangents and the Tangents working against him. He uses the Mortality Doctrine on himself and attempts to kill Micheal in the real world. He fails and Micheal lets him leave, so long as Kaine never goes into the VirtNet again. In the end, they never destroyed the Mortality Doctrine, but it was never used again after Micheal and the other Tangents used it to return the people back to their bodies. At some point after the defeat of Kaine, Micheal's caretaker, Helga, tells him that before Sarah had died, she had some of the Tangents on their side download her consciousness into the VirtNet, but she ended up scattered across the VirtNet. The series ends with Micheal saying he will code Sarah back together the next day.
I decided to tell the story of the series because Micheal is the Main character. This made the most sense.