Cultivating Emotional Resilience in Educators Book Study

Online Book Study to Help You Remember Your "WHY"

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As we move into the fall, our energy wanes, and we're triggered more easily. Learning to be in the present moment enables us to cultivate awareness of our emotions and make choices that foster our resilience. It can allow us to feel accepting and clearheaded about our options for response. When we're fully present, we're more likely to find appropriate levity to moments of challenge and to relieve stress by finding humor in a situation.

Mindful or Mind full?

Neuroscientists have found that our brains can not only change but change quickly. After eight weeks of meditating for 25-30 minutes per day, people who had never meditated before showed measurable changes in the amygdala, limbic region, and prefrontal cortex (Zolli and Healy, 2012).

Amygdala - the ancient part of your brain that responds to danger and activates when you experience fear. A great deal of the time your amygdala overreacts. Following mindfulness training, this part of the brain is less active (Lutz, Slagter, Dunne, and Davidson, 2008).

Hippocampus - critical to learning and memory, it helps regulate the amygdala. With a mediation practice, this part of the brain is more active (Goldin and Gross, 2010).

Prefrontal Cortex - the part of your brain that regulates emotions and behaviors and makes wise decisions. Regular meditation activates this part of the brain (Chiesa and Serretti, 2010).

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Multitasking Is a Myth, and to Attempt It Comes at a Neurobiological Cost

Mindfulness... On the Basketball Court

Watch this quick video to learn about the Golden State Warriors' 4 Core Values. What are your core values? Would you include any of these same four? How do you model your core values each day?
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