Learn How to Smash

What is App Smashing?

App smashing is a process of using more than one app to create a project. You are able to use a series of apps that will all work together to make one dynamic project. The key component to app smashing is your camera roll. All pieces are saved to your camera roll where you can then pull them into other apps to use.

Putting It All Together Using iMovie

Using iMovie as a Building Block

Once all of your components are housed on your camera roll, then you can open up iMovie and begin organizing all of your different pieces together. After they are placed where you would like them, you can add additional text, transition slides, as well as audio. Your completed iMovie will be saved and can be viewed on your iPad or exported to be viewed elsewhere.

More Information

Google "App Smashing" for some great ideas on app smashing. Also check on Pinterest.