Greek Mytholog Character Analysis

Thesis Statement

In the National Book Sellers’ Zeus Publications, Zeus is the most important God in Greek Mythology whom shows an image of strength and wellbeing, and also frightening if provoked.


In Zeus Publications it describes that Zeus was an amazing god, even though he showed a bit of ignorance and vengefulness at times. He is a very powerful god and the most well-known, but he is also more human than is put on.


For example, while hiding his love life he got very mean or foolish about it, but people still thought he was amazing because of how powerful he is, he can get away with affairs because his power masks his bad habits.


In the story it says, “Zeus was mighty, glorious, awesome and wise, although he did show a certain degree of surprising foolishness and naiveness when it came to hiding his love affairs.” (Zeus Publications)


This shows that Zeus is just as normal as any other person on earth, yes he is powerful and he is amazing, but he also has a vengeful side, just like everyone else, they could be completely happy and nice and helpful, but get them in a bad mood and it could be scary. He did this because He is a normal person, he has feelings just like everyone else.


Although, He is in control of weather, which gives off a symbol of leadership and ying and yang the good and the bad are needed. Zeus is a very powerful being and has many powers, he is just as normal as the people who live on earth. His impact on Greek mythology is that he has had many children for many different things, he is the god of weather without weather how would the world be? Would there even be a world? He has created all of the good sense stories like planning ahead could help you in the long run, he is the good and the bad.


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By: Kailey Procaskey