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FSA/EOC Testing Begins/AP Testing Continues

As a reminder, all public-school students are required to participate in the statewide standardized assessment program required by section 1008.22, F.S. in Reading, Math, Science, Writing, and Social Studies in specific grades and courses. If a parent has made a request for their student to "opt-out" of testing and is present on the initially scheduled day of a test, they must sit for the test as required by statute. Students who are absent on the day(s) of testing will be provided with make-up opportunities.

The 10th Grade FSA ELA is a reading graduation benchmark test. If a student does not sit for the 10th Grade FSA ELA, they are able to meet this graduation requirement via ACT or SAT. High school students are also provided additional attempts in their junior and senior years to take the 10th Grade FSA ELA Retake test to meet this benchmark.

Along with the FSA ELA for 10th Grade, End of Course tests (EOCs) also carry additional statutory requirements. Per statute 1008.22, EOC scores are 30% of the student’s final grade. While the ELA assessment has alternate tests to meet promotion or benchmark criteria, the student who does not sit for the EOC in tested courses will receive an NG (no grade) on their report card until they take the test. EOC tests are given in Algebra, Geometry, US History, Civics, and Biology.

Students and Parents: In an effort to provide your child with the best testing environment possible, we want to make sure that you are aware of upcoming testing dates. Once again, all students must be physically on campus to participate in FSA testing.

The testing window is short, so please make sure your child is present and arrives on time. Please encourage and support your child with their assessments by ensuring he/she gets a good night's sleep, eats a healthy breakfast, reviews content at home, and brings an "I Can DO" attitude. Thank you for your support and continued efforts in preparing our students for spring testing.

Please review the below attachment (FSA Parent Letter-- Spring EOCs) for additional information regarding FSA and EOC testing.

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Senior Letters

Spoto Parents & Guardians,

Don't forget, SHS Senior letters, notes, or cards are due on 5/13/22. You may drop them off in the front office or mail them to the school. If mailing, please include the seniors full name on envelope and send to:

8538 Eagle Palm Dr., Riverview, FL 33578

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Congratulations Abby!

Congratulations to Abby Michnowicz! Abby will represent SHS & the SHS FFA as Hillsborough County Federation FFA Reporter for 2022-23 school year!
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