Dog Walker

providing exercise for our client’s dogs each day!


No formal education or certification is required to be a dog walker, though experience working with dogs is necessary. A dog walker must be very familiar with canine behavior, basic care, and first aid.

It is also a big plus if a dog walker can reference prior work in an animal health field, such as prior employment as a veterinary technician or veterinary assistant. Owners are often more comfortable leaving their animals in the care of those with some sort of veterinary background.

Job duties and type of work


The amount of money a dog walker earns will vary depending on the number of clients serviced each day, the number of dogs walked at each location, the length of the walk desired by the client, and the standard pay rate in that specific area. Most dog walkers charge a fee that ranges from $10 to $20 per walk.

Job benefits and Drawbacks

Pros: get your own exercise , become more familiar with different breeds of dogs.

Cons: dog can be aggressive or misbehave