Friday, May 1, 2015

AP Exam - Last Minute Tips

Test Corrections - Practice Tests

Sunday, May 3rd, 11:45pm

This is an online event.

If you scored less than an 85%, You will be allowed to complete test corrections for your two highest practice MC tests. Please look for the submission link in your course. You may upload a document for each set of test corrections you complete, but remember to label each document. Ex. Test Corrections Practice Test #1

Words of Wisdom: (Or how to write the ideal AP ‘free response’)

1) Thou shalt not write an introductory paragraph or concluding paragraph/statements!

2) Thou shalt not be overly concerned with grammar, spelling, etc. it is not graded:

psychological knowledge is!

3) Thou shalt always write in paragraph format; listing is neither accepted nor appropriate.

4) Thou shalt write in black ink. Therefore scratching out misinformation is fully acceptable! An erasable pen is even better!!!

5) If thou findeth a contradiction in your free response, leave it—only the correct information will be scored!

6) Thou shalt write legibly! If your essay happens to be graded at the end of the day, your free response may not get as correct of reading!

7) Thou shalt not use the ‘root’ word when asked to define a term within your definition. (i.e. “repression is when you repress memories”)

8) Thou shalt write the entire time and answer all parts of the question.

INSTRUCT: Last Minute Reminders for your AP Exam on Monday

The following are some tips for the AP Exam on Monday - not all are mine, but come from other sources as well:

  1. Don't worry too much. Just prepare wisely. To earn AP college credit, you have to perform like an average college freshman who earns a grade of C. They are not superheroes. Most of them are a lot like you, about one or two years older.
  2. ESSAY: Read both questions. Make small marks beside the words or phrases that are easy for you to define or explain. Analyze the question and answer ALL parts.
  3. ESSAY: Most of the 12 essay questions in the last 6 years have given you an example of a situation, and then asked you to use 4 or 5 specific psychological concepts to explain or predict what might happen. Break down each question into your own words, and see if the question is about defining and using these psychological concepts.
  4. Don't get upset. You don't need a perfect answer. In 1999 students who earned 5 of the 20 free-response points were very likely to earn college credit in psychology.
  5. ESSAY: Guessing can't hurt you. If you have some idea, say it. There is no subtraction of points for being wrong on the essay. Be calm, be precise, be swift, but use all the time allowed.
  6. ESSAY: No points are ever given for an introduction, preface, summary, or conclusion.
  7. ESSAY: No points are ever given for a list, a diagram, or an outline. You must use sentences and paragraphs.
  8. ESSAY: Answer first the parts you know best. There are no points given or taken away based on the order of your parts in the answer.
  9. ESSAY: Relax. You have 50 minutes. As you answer the parts you know best, other thoughts will come to mind. Jot them on the question sheet, and get back to them later.
  10. ESSAY: Focus on T.D.A. Use proper scientific psychology Terms. Define your terms (Show you know). Apply to the problem in the question.
  11. The "essay" portion of the exam is not testing essay writing. Rather it tests student’s ability to answer the question posed. Students do NOT need an introductory paragraph and a summary. They DO need to answer each part of the question clearly and succinctly. They DO NOT need to restate the question.

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INFORM: Final Project Opens Next Tuesday!

Rather than taking a Final Exam in your course, you will complete a Final Project -which has multiple steps and multiple items to submit! Remember, however, that the grade you earn on this Project counts 25% of your ENTIRE grade for the course. It is a great opportunity to pull up your grade.

Don't miss items or skip the assignments - because it can also impact your grade negatively, if you don't fulfill the requirements.

Instructions will open next Tuesday - because between now and the AP Exam, your focus should be on Exam Prep!

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