Multigenre Monster Madness

Dear Reader!

Dear Reader,

Hello! As you probably know by now you are reading about my multigenre project about monsters in Beowulf and Canterbury Tales. This project has proven to be very stressful in the fact that I have not provided myself much time to complete it. One thing I did do well on this project though is, getting almost everything in on time despite being really close to the deadlines. I learned that Beowulf was not an actual wolf because he is a human being. The most challenging thing was to decide who was the monster in Canterbury Tales which I decided it was the three men from the pardoners tale and they are all monsters and criminals. One thing to do in the future is to avoid waiting until the last second to start this project.


Alex Barnes

Ballad of Grendel - Monsters and criminals

As he sat in his lair Grendel was in pain-11

Grendel’s impatience was growing bigger- 10

He waited but was not being tame-9

Never knowing when his anger would trigger- 12

Wherever present Grendel made it Hell-10

Grendel would be where he wanted to haunt-10

When Grendel was near you could always tell-10

Grendel was not the one you would want to taunt-11

It was no surprise Grendel was evil-10

As Grendel was a descendent of Cain-10

He was a monster who was willing to kill- 11

It was Herot he decided to rein- 10

Grendel got the best of most village people-11

The survivors were few and far between - 10

You might catch a few of them hiding in a steeple - 13

The bottom line is Grendel was downright mean-11


My ballad topic was Grendel. The theme of this ballad was monsters and criminals. Grendel was a monster. Things I did well include keeping it close on the syllable per stanza count, sticking to my ABAB pattern and I rhymed the final words well. I need to improve on my originality and work on the order in which my stanzas are ordered. One thing I would like to try later is try to incorporate an ABCB pattern into the ballad at some point.

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Reflection of picture drawn for Canterbury

My theme was monsters and criminals. The criminals were all three men and they commit premeditated murder and robbery. The picture depicts a trio of men finding gold. The three get selfish and all end up with plans to kill the others. The two older ones send the youngest one to get beverages in town and they plan to murder him when he comes back. He figures it out and comes back with one good bottle and two bottles of poison. They end up murdering the youngest and the other two are poisoned. The ghost in the top right is supposed to show death and how it is always around and following. One thing I wish I would've done better was doing better illustrations. I like how I labeled everything well.

Journal Entry For Monsters and Criminals- Beowulf

My theme was Monsters and Criminals. Grendel is the monster. Grendel is the monster because he’s come in the village and taken over.

Dear Journal,

This has been crazy. Grendel took over our people and was destroying our village and terrorizing us. Then Hrothgar came across our hero who goes by the name Beowulf. Beowulf is unlike anything or anyone I have ever known. Beowulf and Grendel got into it and started fighting then Grendel’s mother got involved! It was the wildest thing I have ever seen. After a while Beowulf started to be defeated and then Wiglaf stepped in and defeated the mighty dragon! I will never forget the day Wiglaf stepped up and became a true man.