Temperate Grassland ANIMALS

In the temperate grassland the animal that live there are zebras, Africa elephant, bison, black rhinoceros, black footed ferret, brown hyena,giraffe,greater prairie chicken,lion,ostrich,black-tailed prairie dog,pronghorn,warthog.My four favorite animals are the black rhinoceros,lion,brown hyena, bison. The black rhinoceros eats leaves, buds; shoots and the black rhinoceros are herbivore. The black rhinoceros size of the body is 3-3.6 m (9 3/4-11 3/4 ft.), and the tail is 60-70 cm (23 1/2-27.The lion is a carnivore it eats large mammals, also smaller mammals, and birds. The size of the body of the lion is 1.4-2 m (4 1/2-6 1/2 ft.) the tail is 67 cm-1m (26 1/4 in-3 1/4 ft.).The brown hyena is an herbivore. The brown hyena eats carrions .The size of the body of the brown hyena is 11.1-1.2m (3 1/2-4 ft.), the tail is 25-30 cm (3/4-11 3/4in).the bison is an herbivore. It eats only grass. The size of the bison body is 2.1-3.5 m (6 3/4-11 1/2 ft.), the tail is 50-60 m (19 3/4-23 1/2 in).The animals adapt to the grasslands by camouflage like the lion when is going to attack an animal because it hide on the tall grass. Some animals migrate to find food also.

Temperate grasslands are located on earth

The temperate grasslands are located on the North America, Africa, Australia, South America, Asia, and Europe. All of these six are on the seven continents but Antarctica is not one of them. These large expanses of flat or hilly country cover much of North America, as well as areas of Europe, Asia, and South America. Most grasslands are found in the interiors of continents, where there is too little rainfall for a forest but too much rain for a desert. You know that about 25 percent of the earth’s land surface is temperate grassland.

the temperate grasslands climate and weather

The temperate grasslands climate is dry, about 20 to 100 centimeters (8 to 40 inches) of rain per year. When is hot in the temperate grassland it may reach to 100°. The temperate grassland soil is so rich with nutrients that compares to the fertile soil in the savanna. The grassland are colder, around 32° in winter.


A temperate grassland plant is milkweed. The second plant is stinging nettle. The third plant is purple coneflower. The fourth plant is big bluestem grass. The fifth plant is blue grama grass. The sixth plant is buffalo grass. The seventh plant is fleabane .The eighth plant is Indian grass. The plants survive by have a long root system that go deep into the soil so the roots could store water. This helps the plants adapt to the environment.