The Human Impact on the Lithosphere

Through Agricultural Practices

Human Impact

Everything action that is taken, has an impact. Through the evolution of humankind there has also been an evolution of the world in which we live. Unfortunately, as our evolution continues to lead to the bettering of humankind, we are forgetting the necessity of preserving the world we live in. People are known to make advances while forgetting the protection needed for our Earth.

Agricultural Practices

While agriculture is a necessary part of our lives, it is also one that has a huge impact. Through agriculture, it is very common that destruction occurs. Whether it is intended or not makes no difference on the impact that it has.

Farmers often clear out land in order to have the proper area to grow and harvest their crops. However, through doing this many problems can arise. Often this causes a direct problem with erosion, as there is nothing left on the land to hold the soil in place.

Similar to this, farmers often use pesticides in an effort to keep their produce safe from pests. However, these harsh chemicals often have negative effects on the soil and surrounding land.

Water is necessary for the successful growth of produce, therefore, this can result in water problems within an area. Areas that often experience droughts may struggle to balance the necessity of water within homes and on the fields.

Relation to Lithosphere

Agriculture has a huge impact on the lithosphere. As land is cleared out, the lithosphere is often destroyed. Through the acts of deforestation and erosion that occurs from this, the lithosphere often becomes barren.

Pesticides that are used in many agricultural practices negatively impact the lithosphere by often killing sections of plants and contaminating soil within the area.

Agriculture often leads to excessive erosion, causing vast areas of the lithosphere to deteriorate.

Personal Impacts

Direct Impact: Agriculture directly impacts my life in the way that I consume produce.

Indirect Impact: Agriculture indirectly impacts my life in the way that if areas continue to be cleared out for land to grow crops, eventually there will not be any stable land left. Therefore, there's a chance that generations after mine will struggle for land to build home or other buildings.

Project By: Tristain Graham