Trump's Twisted Lies

America's Next President?

Insulting a Hard Working Commmunity

Donald Trump’s affront against the Latino community has become frequent specially this year after he declared himself a republican candidate for next year's election. Trump has offended Latinos, more specifically the Mexican community on various occasions. There is a theory that holds to be true about undocumented immigrants, which states that in general undocumented immigrants migrate to the United States to work as a consequence they usually keep their status on low due to fear of a possible deportation.

Outrageous Things Trump has stated about Latinos

Upcoming events Trump will appear: Fifth GOP Debate in The Venetian in Las Vegas, Nevada

The televised CNN debate will air December 15, 2015, 9 republican presidential candidates will appear to debate their stance on some ongoing issues in America. Donald Trump will be positioned in the center stage as the current front- runner for the nomination of republican candidate. It is expected that Trump will continue to carry on with his show of the racist presidential candidate as well as showing of his high ego specially since he is the front-runner.
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Real Tweets that Donald Trump Has Tweeted ; He Deleted Some

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