War of 1812

Causes, Battle Regions, Effects

Causes Of The War Of 1812

  • Impressment Continues- the british set up a blockade to stop the america's navy.
  • Native Americans- They attack the americans along the Mississippi river. They are encouraged by the british.
  • Tecumseh was an native american indian chief. He unties tribes in the Indiana territory to fight against the Americans.
  • William Henry Harrison was a war hero. He made a surprise attack at Tippecanoe. Even Tecumseh was scared and left Tippecanoe.

Battle Regions of war 1812

  • The chesapeake campaign is were the british burned down the whit house and the capital in Washington, D.C.
  • The Naval Battles was "old Ironsides" was one of the most famous battleships of that time. it was made by freed salves and white men. It sunk british Ships. The british still had the blockade restrictions up so it restricts trade and travel.

Pictures from the war 1812

Effects of the war 1812

  • U.S. gets world wide respect
  • The Federalists look very bad
  • Factories were built because of the british blockade
  • Sense of Nationalism to occupy western land.