by Cheryl rainfield


Scars is a very raw and very deep book. It is filled with darkness and at times can be very gloomy. Scars by Cheryl Rainfield is about a 15 year old Kendra who hasn't come to terms with what happened to her when she was very little. Kendra was sexually abused by someone who is ever so close to her. she just doesn't know who. the thing is though that her abuser starts stalking her sending Kendra into a whirlwind of emotions. in this book she is going through this emotional and internal journey trying to muster up the courage to look back on those memories of her child hood and figure out once and for all who did these horrible things to her. Kendra is not alone though she has a strong group of people surrounding her routing her on every step of the way. You see Kendra has not only been sexually abused but she know has started dealing with this by physically abusing herself. She had been cutting herself for over 6 months and doesn't want a single soul knowing. except when she meets her love interest in the novel Meghan it gets harder to hide.

Meghan is not the only person who is there giving Kendra support through her journey. Kendra goes to therapy and her therapist is a big support system for her. She also has Sandy, Her mothers gay best friend who is always cheering her on. Lastly Kendra has her art teacher who helps her express her pain through her beautiful artwork she works on endlessly.

this book really shows you that things are not as they appear at all. it teaches you to not just take things for granted. Not to think that you know what is going on with someone who you really know nothing about at all. This book gives you an insight on a girls live that you really wouldn't get anywhere else other than a book. I think that teenagers everywhere should experience this novel. i give this book 4.5 stars. The only thing that wasn't great about this book was the format. it is a little confusing.

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