Between the Lines

A Newsletter for CHS Tennis Booster Club Members--04.29.19

Breaking News

We have 2 VERY IMPORTANT meetings this week.

  1. TONIGHT (Monday, April, 29, 2019)--BANQUET PLANNING MEETING @ 6:30pm @the Tennis center 6:30 PM
  2. TOMORROW (Tuesday, April 30, 2019)--BOOSTER MEETING @6 PM @the Tennis Center--Wrapping up 2018-2019 and planning for 2019-2020.


  • Thank you to all who were able help out on Saturday!!

Player Photo and Team Photos UPDATE: The pictures taken by Concept 7 in the fall are available to view and purchase. More information about this is included in the pdf at the bottom of the newsletter.

The Coppell TENNIS BOOSTER WEBSITE is There is link is at the bottom of this newsletter. Check it out!!!

SHUTTERFLY SHARE SITE is Available to Tennis Boosters on the booster website!!! You can access the site in view mode by using the group password "gocowboys".

Spring Flower Sales

  • Thank you to all those who helped out by selling flowers, donating money, organizing, or showing up on Saturday!!
  • We had some students who went above and beyond their required contribution...


  • Matthew Abbey

  • Cole Kickarillo--MVP of VARSITY SALES with $540

  • Sameer Mohuddin

  • Sydney Nguyen

  • Suzuka Nisoohino

  • Clark Parlier

  • Nisha Ramesh

  • Smrithi Venkatraman

  • Jackson Benge

  • Julianna Ciskowski

  • Samantha Freeman

  • Grace Kim--MVP of JV SALES with $340

  • Yoichiro Nishino

  • Maya Shah

  • Jonathan Keng--MVP of FRESHMAN SALES with $660

  • Devika Kholi

Topspin with Coach Foster

Tennis Parents,

We have 2 VERY IMPORTANT meetings this week.

1)TONIGHT (Monday, 4/29)--BANQUET PLANNING MEETING--Banquet is FOUR days away so please be there to help make this year's banquet a success. At the Tennis center 6:30 PM

2) TOMORROW (Tuesday- 4/30)--Booster Meeting--Wrapping up 2018-2019 and planning for 2019-2020. At the tennis center 6 PM

See you there!

Thank You Coach Foster & Coach Landa

Big picture

Your Serve

THANK YOU TO ALL OUR PARENTS who have graciously volunteered their time to make sure our players have the best possible experience. This includes the entire Booster Club Board and all the parents who have volunteered to help with the website, social media, communication, pictures, tournaments, flower sales, Senior Night, Homecoming, the tennis banquet and countless other things. It truly takes a lot to run this program properly. Thank you so much to those who show up to the booster club meetings, the banquet meetings, and the matches! We have some parents who continually step up to serve and support, and their contribution is very much appreciated.

Boosters are looking for YOUR HELP. We have 127 players; please help us support them and help make this tennis program the best that it can be. GET INVOLVED!!

Down the Line (Save the Date)

TONIGHT, Monday, April 29, 2019 @6:30pm, Banquet Planning Meeting @CHS Tennis Center

TOMORROW, Tuesday, April 30, 2019 @6:00pm, Tennis Booster Club Meeting @CHS Tennis Center

Friday, May 3, 2019 @6-9:30pm Tennis Banquet @The Courtyard Marriott in Grapevine

Monday-Wednesday, May 6-8, 2019, After School Team Tryouts for the 2019-2020 Tennis Team @CHS Tennis Center

Team Mates

Coach: Rich Foster

President: Rhonda Nelson

Vice President: Kelley Parlier

Vice President: Martha Rivas

Volunteer Coordinator: Mark Abbey

Volunteer Coordinator: Analyn Abbey

Treasurer: Keiko Nishino

Newsletter: Monica Cole