The Capstone Presentation

Gavin Kellough

About me.

I am a caring and interested person, and many people tell me I am easy to talk to. My main sport is tennis, however I also play soccer and my love for the outdoors is always keeping me outside trying new activities. I have always been very interested in my math and science classes, so I plan to study Geology at the University of Oklahoma State and enter a field involving alternate energy sources following graduation.

Career Field- Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Engineering is concerned with the activities related to the production of hydrocarbons, which come in the form of crude oil or natural gas. Geology and petroleum engineering are the two main components of the hydrocarbons issue. However, Petroleum engineering is most concerned the estimation of recoverable volume of either crude oil or natural gas, using a description that is extracted from the field to measure the behavior of oil, gas, and water.