Multi-Cultural Inquiry

By Brendan Price

What is Culture?

Culture is the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively. In simpler words, it is a person or group of peoples way of life and how they live their life. A culture is made up of what people believe is the right way to do things, and traditions which are how they demonstrate these beliefs. However a culture often has many setbacks or problems such as racism, disagreements among religion, border disputes, and class system arguments.

Italian Culture Research

Italians are very fashion conscious, and about 96% of Italy is actually Italian. Italians dress similar to us Americans, they wear khakis, light shirts, shorts, and other casual clothing. Overall they are a very stable religion with no big setbacks at the moment. Some key cultural customs and lifestyles include architecture from roman and renaissance time period and formal food like pasta and pizza. They also celebrate Christian holidays and do art from Greek and roman time periods. The Italians have faced many challenges throughout history. One trouble they still face is the fact that they have the highest percent of children in poverty.

Italian Literature and Culture

Italians often write and draw about scenery and architecture and also like to reference the renaissance era. In Italy writing and drawing is a way of life and they are known for their great works of art. They often draw about wine or other foods, gods and angels, and mythical creatures. Their writings tell a lot about their values, they write a lot about romance and other classical themes and often include an important message or universal theme. Italian literature helps us understand more about the culture because they convey common cultural ideas through their literature.

Cultural Accpetance

Cultural awareness is about being aware of what is going in a culture other than your own. For example, Italy is known for many different types of food. This food can be found all over the world and this helps people become more aware of Italian culture through something as simple as food. Cultural acceptance is important because if everyone had better cultural acceptance than we would be able to avoid more conflicts. "If we cannot now end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity." - John F. Kennedy. Kennedy believed that if we helped to end these differences than we would make the world a better place. However if we do not end our differences than we could break out into a culture war and discrimination would taint the world making it a worse place.


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