200 acres for sale

asking price $12

Economic decline

As of now the revolution has begun, thousands of job opportunities have opened up in factories in the New York area. All you have to do to get one of these jobs is COME TO NEW AMERICA. For a price of $100 you can sail over here and get a decent paying job to provide for your family. So why stay over there and make no money for your family? Come here and work without the risk of getting one of these "diseases" while working in the factory.


With this new technology booming about you can get yourself some to make farming easier, faster, and these things are all just around reliable. Now go on and buy you one these new plows from Mr. John Deere. These plows wont jam on you so you wont have to stop and fiddle with it. You can hire people to help you for cheaper now instead of having to pay for that extra labor, or you can just do it all yourself.


If you want to get rich quick come to the U.S for the Klondike Gold rush. Gold flows down every river in the west. You can find it in the mountains and like we said to get rich quick, come on down over to the new United states of America.

The effect

Why stay in there and not move up in the "class" when you can come here and become an entrepreneur to benefit America's industrial revolution. Compete in the big leagues and help with America's wealthiest and thrive to become one of them.