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The word CATECHIST comes from the Greek: "to echo" and so we have named our Catechist newsletter ECHO to honor that definition. We hope you will find this monthly resource valuable in your planning and personal formation!

"Being a catechist is not a title; it is an attitude of abiding with him, and it lasts a lifetime! It means abiding in the Lord’s presence and letting ourselves be led by him.” Pope Francis

October is Respect Life Month

During the month of October, the Catholic Church in the United States pays particular to attention to our call to defend life at all stages. The USCCB Secretariat of Pro-Life Activities provides materials to help Catholics understand and value the gift of human life and help build a culture that cherishes and protects it.

Follow this link to find useful tools to observe this theme in your programming or with parents!

Praying All Ways and ALWAYS!

Our goal is to make prayer a significant part of each gathering we have with those we catechize!

In this monthly column, you'll discover a new prayer, a new method or a creative prayer suggestion to mirror the season!

Leading Young People in Lectio Divina

Though the Latin might sound daunting, the process Lectio Divina is actually a very applicable way to help elementary youth on up to reflect on scripture. shares this process in a simple format. It is a great process to include in your Catechist bag of prayer ideas! Click on the link below to learn this prayer method!

Studying October Saints!

Have you heard of Blessed Jerzy Popieluszko?

Do you know much about Pope St. John XXiii and why he convened the Second Vatican Council?

Are you familiar with St. Theodore Guerin and the Sisters of Providence?

Learn about these Saints and the many whose feast days we observe in October INCLUDING the beloved and popular St. Francis of Assisi.

Click on the gold link below to learn their stories and download some worksheets!

Download the October Saints Packet Here!

If you are reading a printed copy, you can access the Saints packet at this url:

Catholic Current Provides Helpful Background Resources

Have you heard of Catholic Current? It is a website shared by the USCCB (The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops) that provides an online library of reliable content that meets the needs of today's Catholic. Bookmark Catholic Current on your computer to return to again and again as a planning and resource tool! Click on the link below to explore this useful website!


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