Susan B. Anthony

A Woman of Rights

Born a Quaker

Susan B. Anthony was born in a Quaker family and lived and breathed equal rights her entire childhood. In her years as a teenager she started to give public speeches about her and her families ideas. Until she was 45 and started an article of equal rights called 'The Revolution"

The Revolution

The Revolution was a newspaper that focused on demanding equal rights and fair treatment to all people regardless of race or gender. There was an unfair odious between women and African-American and Susan B. Anthony wanted to put a stop to this. Soon African-American rights were passed and a huge help, if not the entire reason, was Susan B. Anthony!

Votes and Depts

After being sick and tired of not being able to vote, Susan B. Anthony illegally voted in a presidential election. A week or so later she was put on trial and was soon to be arrested. She bailed her way out of it, but there was another problem. She was fined $100 in court, she swore she would never pay a dollar of it! Up until death she never did.

At the end

Susan B. Anthony died when she was 86 years old. She fought for equal treatment until the last minute of her life. Sadly, when she passed only a few states had equal rights for all. Though this wasn't the end of Anthony's story. Her trilogy was continued by all her followers who were inspired by her, Until a powerful descendent of Susan B Anthony, ALice Paul, took control over the Women's Movement Program and got inter nation freedom passed! All colors and genders were treated equally with no matter of black, white, boy, or girl. Freedom was in the air! Susan B Anthony had done it.

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