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Triple Blind Study


Sceptics of stem cell nutrition insisted it worked by “placebo effect” - Until researches actually conducted a triple-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized, clinical study.

Half the participants were given stem cell nutrition, while the others got dummy pills. Researchers drew blood from each patient before and after they took the formula.

Flow Cytometry. - Flow Cytometry is a technology that is used to analyse the physical and chemical characteristics of particles in a fluid as it passes through at least one laser.

Cell components are fluorescently labelled and then excited by the laser to emit light at varying wavelengths). Then data analyses were done blindly.

The results were unmistakable.

Nothing happened to those who took the placebo. But those who took the extract boosted their supply of circulating stem cells dramatically, by 25 to 30 percent. In just 60 minutes.
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Frank and Jan Condon- Re Sports and Recovery

Both Frank and Jan Condon are Professional Running Competitors and are sold on Stem Cell Nutrition as an indispensable part of any athletic regimen.

Frank says, “Since Stem Cell Nutrition, my recovery time during training has been cut in half… and I heard the same thing from all of the competitors on the senior circuit who are taking StemEnhance. They wouldn’t train without it!”

I shattered the U. S. Outdoor record in the mile, beating the old time by ten seconds. That old record had stood for 37 years! “He says, “I’ll be working out all my life, so I know I will always take StemEnhance.”

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For all you people who DANCE, RUN, play SPORT or go to a GYM, quite often can get a SPORT injury of one kind or another. Having MORE stem cells in circulation will help. RECOVERY .

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Scott – Degenerative disc disorder

Scott suffers from a degenerative disc disorder and he has been on the product now for a couple of years. He used to spend up to 2 weeks flat on his back with each rupture before starting on Stem Cell Nutrition. He now feels some slight discomfort when a rupture is coming on, ups his dose for a couple of days and can continue working right through with no dramas. Not bad for a 44yr old who drives excavating equipment and labours 10hrs a day!

He has a very colourful medical history which involved various surgeries including a vertebral fusion. Scott was also on high strength trammel and other anti-inflammatory meds before Stem Cell Nutrition.

He no longer takes any meds! Scott had also tried many other natural treatments/supplements which only provided temporary relief. Stem Cell Nutrition has given him his life back!! Definitely the best products for disc conditions!!

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Dr Allan Sommersall PhD.Md

We all have STEM CELLS; We all use STEM CELLS;

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StemEnhance and the Athlete Study

Two high school students in Florida, Hanna and Ilisa Lee, had a project for the local Science Fair.

Their case was “If stem cells could travel to muscles and help muscles recover faster after exercise, then the ability to exercise the day after an intensive workout would be greater. Therefore, everyday athletes could go further in their training, turning in greater performances. Consequently, athletes taking StemEnhance should improve much faster”.

They documented how rowers at the University of Florida achieved greater performance over time when taking StemEnhance, compared to teammates not taking StemEnhance. Hanna and Ilisa’s science project ended up serving as the preliminary work for a more in-depth controlled carried out by an expert in exercise physiology.

When an athlete goes through daily training with maximum effort, numerous microscopic lesions take place in muscles, tendons and ligaments. These microscopic lesions rapidly become the sites of discomfort.The body’s reaction to this discomfort produces molecules that create slight local edema in an attempt to increase blood flow, nutrient delivery and cellular circulation, as well as lymphatic drainage to eliminate cellular debris. But this process also creates molecules that mediate discomfort, and the goal of discomfort is to limit the person’s movements to maximize the recovery process.

The process of discomfort is very interesting, as it is designed to limit the exposure to further stress. A muscle that has micro-lesions will not contract to the fullest, because the body will neurologically inhibit muscle contraction to prevent further discomfort. But if a person is an athlete in training, he or she takes some pain killer and goes through more training the following day, creating more lesions.

As this process continues day after day, the athlete gradually develops a chronic situation that limits the ability to train to the fullest. As part of the body’s reaction to training stress, the microlesions also release compounds that attract stem cells, as stem cells carry out their role of daily renewal. The greater the number of circulating stem cells, the greater the number of stem cells that are available to migrate in the recovering muscles.

As stem cells migrate into the muscle and become muscle cells, they may accelerate the process of recovery after intense workouts. As a consequence, the day after training exercise by an athlete using StemEnhance, the muscles may be better prepared for extra workout and the person may be able to exercise to a greater extent.

The difference may be small when viewed day to day, but the difference can accumulate. As a result, the ability to train a little bit more everyday may lead to significant differences over time. So StemEnhance does not promote greater muscle mass or greater strength and it does not support some hormonal process; it simply assists cells the muscles, ligaments, tendons and connective tissue in their process of recovery after intensive workouts, perhaps allowing athletes to train every day to the fullest, so they may tap more effectively into their own potential.

With the intense scrutiny athletes undergo to remain fierce competitors without the use of prohibited performance-enhancing drugs; StemEnhance will prove a unique tool to support optimum training for top performance. As a result, the number of athletes using it will certainly increase, as StemEnhance makes its official appearance on lists of safe supplements for athletes.

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