12 Days of Fabulous


Help The Men!

Can't live with them....
unless they love gifting Stella & Dot!

Today's challenge is FUN & EASY! And one that will make your friends smile on Christmas morning.

Most Men Are CLUELESS....when it comes to shopping. My husband always has the best intentions, but without a little guidance, he's in the dark. In fact, the other day I realized I had an online shopping cart open on one of my favorite websites, he saw it and bought everything in the bag! Shhhh...he doesn't know I know and of course I will act surprised on Christmas.

So...let's help out some of the men we know!

Day 4 Challenge:
Reach out to the men in your life and offer to help them shop for the women & girls in their lives.

How will you do this?

Facebook, Email , In person & on the phone!
*Make a list of all the men in your 'sphere of influence' Friends, family, husbands of friends.... etc, etc, etc
*Put together a message and get it out to them. If you can message some men together as a group it may create a 'mob mentality' if one says yes, the rest will say yes.
*Message a group of women and ask them for their Husbands/boyfriends email addresses and let them know what your plan is.
*Ask your husband/boyfriend if he could message all his friends and offer to have you help them shop for the women in their lives


How to 'log' your entries?
Hop onto the team page HERE and under the PINNED post for DAY 4 post a comment with the number of men you have messaged as well as how you messaged them.

Day Four Is Sponsored by the FABULOUS Ashley Jones!

I met Ashley at one of my first trunk shows....she came to the show and loved everything, but didn't buy anything. Fast forward to the next show....and she didn't buy anything but she became a stylist! If you've met Ashley you know that she's tall and very beautiful, but also very sweet and sincere. She's calm, cool and laid back, but very driven. She's built this business while raising two little ones...with another on the way. Her husband travels a lot and they've moved once since she started. She's a great example of how Stella & Dot truly allows you to STYLE YOUR LIFE!

Start Date:
October 2010, 3 years ago...can't believe it!

Current Payrank: Star

Top Tip: Just keep on, keepin' on! Consistency is key!! When all else fails, book a trunk show, that's where the magic happens.

Best Splurge Gift: My husband surprised me with a new car a few years back for Christmas! It didn't have a big red bow but I just about died, we don't do big gifts for one another so it was totally unexpected!!

She's Gifting: My gift is this set of Year of Wishes candles. I love their description and think they would be perfect to burn at your desk as a daily affirmation to keep you smiling!

Helpful Verbiage for YOU!

#1 Less than 16 days left until Christmas. Let me take the guess work out of shopping for you & make it easier than it's ever been. I am scheduling 'in-person' (i'l' come to you) as well as virtual shopping appointments to help you shop for the women in your life. Luxury gifts starting at just $14.50. Who do you still need to shop for? Mom, Wife, Girlfriend, Sister, friend, teacher, co-workers, daughter, niece, Aunt..... We have something for everyone & it comes gift ready- simply add a bow & you're ready to go. Message me to set up a time to shop and check out all that Stella & Dot has to offer on my website: (input PWS address)

#2 Gentlemen, I can assure you with 100% certainty that she does NOT want a vacuum (or anything with a cord for that matter) this Christmas/Hanukkah. Let me save you hours of frustration and a trip to the crowded mall to find the perfect gifts for the women & girls in your life. Stella & Dot has a huge selection of On-trend jewelry & accessories starting at just $14.50 for all age groups. Everything comes in gorgeous gift-ready boxes. You will certainly be on the good list this year when your loved ones open their stella & Dot boxes. Contact me today!

#3 Are you a last minute shopper? Do you tend to leave shopping for the very last minute because you are at a loss as to what the women/girl's in your life would like this year? Well, this year I am here to help you take the guess work out of your gift giving. Let's put the twinkle back in her eye with a sparkly something from Stella & Dot. Skip the mall madness and opt instead for Gift-ready gorgeous boxes, prices starting at just $14.50 and the help of your own personal stylist (ME!) all from the comfort of your own home.