Biogeochemical Cycle of Carbon

Sohrab Azad- Brady Castillo

Why is carbon so important?

Carbon is important because it has 4 valence electrons, the energy required to make or break a bond is at an appropriate level of building molecules which is stable and reactive. Also, Carbon is a major component of all organic compounds, including carbohydrates, lipids, and acids. Carbon dioxide is constantly interchanging between both ocean and atmosphere. All living organisms contain Carbon. Carbon can form many different types of bonds, along with forming different kinds of binds and essential compounds.

Cycle of Carbon

The cycle of corbon is as follows. Plants use carbon dioxide during photosynthesis and use it to build carbohydrates. Organisms release carbon in the form of carbon dioxide by respiration. when organisms die, decomposers break down bodies, releasing carbon to the environment. Carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere by volcanic or human activity. Such as burnig fossil fuels or forests.