Mark Twain's Life

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On November 30th, 1835 Mark Twain was born. He was born in Florida, Missouri. His real name is Samuel Longhorne Clemens. Mark Twain was the 6th born out of all his siblings. On April 21st, 1910 Mark Twain died at the age of 75.

Early Childhood

At the age of 4 years old, Mark Twain moved to Hannibal, Missouri. He got his pen name of Mark Twain. He had many odd jobs. Mark Twain explored American Soul with buoyancy and had a sharp eye for truth. Then he became a national treasure.


Mark Twain didn't really have an education, because he played "hooky" and instead worked at a printing office. But, even though he didn't go to school, he was smart. He was a writer and editer of a newspaper owned by his brother. He was a riverboat pilot, journalist, entrepreneur and inventer.


Mark Twain Worked at a printing office at the age of 12. At 21 years old, he became a boat pilot. Then in June 1861, he joined the Confederate Army. He dazzled audiences by his lectures that were full of humor and spirit which was also found in his writing.


Mark Twain's father was known for having a lot of jobs and his mother was known as fun loving, tender hearted. She was also a homemaker. Then in 1857, unexpectedly his dad died. Mark Twain was touched when his daughter wrote a biography about him that explained how humorous and special he was to her.


Mark Twain also had some hobbies, like writing literature. He loved to tell stories and give humorous lectures to audiences. He traveled quite a bit. He also did a lot of working in his time, between writing literature and his lectures.

Literary Skills

Mark Twain was a writer and editer in the newspaper that his brother owned. His writing had a little bit of realism and the time with local color and with a style of American Mississippi. He had written two stores, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. These two stories are known for being genuine American Folk Heroes.