Join Key Club!

and be apart of our ohana.

  • What is Key Club?- Key club is an international community service organization with over 260,000 members.
  • When is Key Club- Meetings are every monday at lunch in the small gym. The first meeting is August 26th!
  • Why should you join Key Club ? 1. Key Club gives you the oppourtunity to become friends with tons of people at woodcreek and surrounding schools in the area. 2.Key Club gives you the oppourtunity to make a big impact on your community 3. People in key club are friendly, spirited, and fun to be around. 4.Key club members participate in many fun service projects such as: The Dry Creek Carnival, Roseville Bikefest, The Roseville Rec Center Christmas Fiesta and more! 5.DCON
  • What is DCON? DCON is an annual event where the Key Club members from our district (California, Nevada, and Hawaii) come together to celebrate the year! With Giant Rallies spirit competitions, elections and a dance to wrap it all up.
  • This year DCON is right here in sacramento
For more info text one of our officers:
  • Red Camba (916)-300-1725
  • Justin Ayala (916)-662-2402
  • Elizabeth Njuguna (626)-345-4538
  • Tony Phuong (916)-576-9528
  • Micah Marmorstein (916)-751-6917