Ravi Gulati

Ravi Gulati's life

Ravi gulati was a social activist and he had his own school which was actually his home. He was against public and private school so he normally taught math, english, and helped guidance since many people trusted him. He teaches so private and public schools loose distinction.

Ravi chose to turned his house into a school for students who could'nt afford education. He wanted people to be treated fairly and to have no discrimination. He changed people for the better, made them get what they deserve.

He left his own job which was supllying him with a lot, to teaching children and helping them with math, english and more! He gave up his old job to make a change to society by allowing all children an education even if its free.

He named his home/school after his brother khan abdul jabber khan and his brother helped him out with everything he needed to give children a good education.

Winning a new Nobel prize

Ravi Gulati should win the newest Nobel Prize of 2016

Ravi gulati should win the Nobel Prize for best social activist. He has helped so many family's both children and parents with education. He started teaching because he wanted to try ending public and private school discrimination. He should win the prize also because he was so dedicated to allowing people things that they might've not gotten without him. He was so dedicated to everything he did that he even taught for free, he never really got paid for his work but he didn't care at the end knowing he made a difference to every child and their parents. He should win for everything he's done to show that education matters and that it should be allowed to everyone no matter on the age. He's a great person for all he has done and I think he should win the Nobel prize of 2016.