Instructional Technology Tidbit

A few morsels of tech integration for your consideration!

March 30, 2017

Screencastify Chrome Extension Tutorial

This is one of my favorite tools to share information with administrators and teachers. As a teacher, I know that you could use it with your peers or students. The best part is that our students can use this tool to share information with teachers and even give a virtual presentation. The possibilities are endless! Check out this 4:21 minute video for more details! (Plus, I'm USING THE TOOL in this video!)

Do you Google Keep?

Have you noticed this icon in the bottom bar of the student Chromebooks? That is Google Keep and I pinned it there to encourage students to click on it and try it out! Last week, my son Gus was working on some research online and wanted to write down his findings. I told him to use Google Keep to take the note but he wanted the paper. The next day at school when he needed the information, the paper was at home. The information could have been on his phone with Google Keep! This tool can keep you, your team, and your students organized! Plus, true to Google style, all notes sync across all devices. Never lose information again!

Kasey Bell at Shake Up Learning has created a Google Keep cheat sheet for more information on how to use this tool in the classroom. You can get it HERE!

Google Keep - YouTube

Safari Montage Content

We have new content available on our Safari Montage video on-demand system!

  • SciShow Kids Web Links: Web links to 102 fun and engaging videos for Grades K-5 explaining elementary science concepts, hosted on YouTube. Topics include earth science, space science, animal science and more.


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What it is: Safari Montage is a Video On-Demand and Digital Media Management/Distribution system. It contains up-to-date, Standards-based, content-aligned video as well as other types of digital media, such as digital images, audio, etc.