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People love it here! They just don't like the food that's everlasting, this place also uses wind to power a lot of stuff come and join FoodVille today!

What is wind energy?

Wind energy can power a lot of stuff, thanks to the windmills. They can get us electricity so we have lighting and we can cook and stuff that electricity gives us. Now what is wind power? Come come follow me to this website that can show you what wind power is and see how a windmill works. Lets go! But before u go to the links come look at the pros and cons!!



-Wind energy dose not make pollution.

-Wind energy is renewable.

-Growing at a promising rate of 25% each year.


-Wind turbines can be a threat to wildlife mostly for e.g. birds and bats.

-Noise is regularly reported as a problem by neighboring homes.

Now lets go look at the links.

Come look at these links.

What is renewable energy