Disney Theme Park In Rwanda

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Information over Rwanda

Rwanda is a great place to build a Disney Theme Park because ....

  • Rwanda has the lowest crime rates in Africa.
  • Has mild temperatures .
  • Rwanda has industries that have cement,agricultural products,small-scale beverages, and much more.
  • You can travel by planes, cars, buses,trains; or by walking.
  • There are resorts and islands on Lake Kivu, which is one hour away from Rwanda's airport. You can visit volcanoes, rainforests, Savannahs, lakes, and the city of Kigali.
  • Rwanda has steep mountains and deep valleys.

Medical Care

  • birth rate- 35.49 births/ 1,000 population
  • death rate- 9.41 deaths/ 1,000 population
  • life expectancy- male-57.34 years and female- 60.4 years
  • literacy rate - Male - 74.8% Female - 67.5%

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