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Bromley East Charter School

October 9, 2020

Happy Friday!

We are at the end of the second week of the Learning Cycle 2! Students have done a great job getting back into routines. We are continuously making adjustments and updating resources to make this current situation better for students, staff, and parents as we navigate both in-person learning and remote learning. The next break will be November 2-6. Learning Cycle 3 will begin on Monday, November 9.

Our staff has been working extremely hard during this time. If you feel so inclined, please reach out to staff members and thank them for going above and beyond to make sure BECS offers a quality education both in person and online.

Please review the contents of this newsletter and reach out if you have any questions. As always, thank you for your support of Bromley East Charter School. It is sincerely appreciated!

BECS Administration




Cute, clean, hilarious jokes and fun facts are wanted for our BECS morning announcements! Students are welcome to send these to Ms. Sarah Muniz for a chance to be featured. Thank you!


Dress of Choice Day will be designated by the school administration as appropriate. The guidelines for allowable dress for these days are consistent with the general standards and grooming sections of the Dress Code. Casual clothing should always be clean and appropriate for school wear. The length of shorts and skirts will be the same for Dress of Choice days as it is for any other day. Bottoms may not be excessively tight or loose-fitting.

The following may not be worn:

  • Sandals

  • Leggings

  • Frayed or torn clothing that exposes skin

  • Low cut dresses or tops

  • Bare midriff style tops

  • Oversized shorts/pants worn low on hips

  • Hats or bandanas

  • T-shirts with advertising and/or inappropriate language/pictures

Consequences for Non-compliance

  • Parents will be called so that a change of clothes may be brought to school.

  • Student may not return to the classroom until in compliance.

  • Student may lose the privilege of “free dress” on the next day it is allowed.


Please make sure all water bottles are clearly labeled with students' full names. Water bottles that are not labeled clearly must be thrown away because of the risk of another student thinking the water bottle is theirs and then being exposed to germs.


10 6 20 Becks Bucks
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Conferences will be held virtually the week of October 12th, with availability M-Th, 4-6PM. Please CLICK HERE for more information.


Final grades for Learning Cycle 1 can be viewed electronically via the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. Please contact our registrar Ms. Elizabeth Sumerix if you do not have a Parent Portal account.


Please encourage your student to check the lost and found for any missing belongings. Unclaimed items will be donated each Friday before the learning cycle break. Thank you so much for your help with this!


Due to the current situation, online payments through our webstore will be the only method of payment for student fees. Please click here for online payment instructions. For questions regarding fees, please contact Ms. Sam French.


Remember to share school-appropriate activities at home, outside of home, in school, while doing school work, on the computer, whatever it is that your child is doing for school, we would love to showcase them in the yearbook. Email us at to share photos of your students! Make sure to include a name, grade level and what the student was doing in the photo. Thank you so much for your support and for being a part of the BECS family!

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Please don’t hesitate to contact our main office with any questions or concerns you may have.