Letter From Montag

Ayanna B

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Fahrenheit 451

Dear Citizens of 2016,

My name is Guy Montag. I am from the year of 2053 and the society has changed significantly since 2016. The cars are called beetle, the teenagers are anti-social, the schools don't encourage the kids and the teachers don't talk to them, and for fun we run things over. My job is a firefighter. But instead of putting out fires, we are starting them. Reading books is against the law and so as firefighters we burn houses down with books in it. Don't worry the houses are fireproof. Us firefighters made the law and it was easy because everyone stopped reading by themselves.

A few days ago I met this girl, Clarisse, and she opened up my eyes. She asked me if I was happy. After this question I started to question everything myself. But I didn't really care until one day a lady burned her own house with herself in it because she didn't want to be separated from her books.

The reason for this letter is to urge you to do something differently. Once you get to this time period you will regret not changing the way you live. Whatever you do, never make the laws such as your not allowed to read a book, not allowed to drive slowly, and not allowed to be a pedestrian.


Guy Montag