Amelia Earhart

July 24, 1897- January 5, 1939

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Amelia Earhart, A True Legend

Amelia Earhart is most famous for her attempt to make it around the world on an airplane. She started her journey in June 1937. She was last heard from in 1937 on July 2. Nobody really know what happened to her, but people sure have some crazy ideas. The most realistic is that they ran out of fuel and crashed. But, that might not be the case. Other people think that something mysterious happened, and nobody will ever find out what it was.
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Her motivation for the Feat

Amelia Earhart first knew she wanted to travel the world on her plane after she came back as a passenger on a plane that had successfully traveled the Atlantic Ocean. She realized that she wanted to do this alone the next time. In 1932, she did just that. She traveled the Atlantic ocean non-stop solo. It was at this time that she realized that she wanted to travel the world, but was this a really good choice? Five years later was when this huge feat started. Sadly it never truly ended.