This movie is an Action Film. The director's name is Wess Ball and the music was crated by: John Paesano.

It is Based on the book "The Maze Runner. Run or Die By: James Dashner

The storie is about one boy, called Thomas, who wakes up in a strange box.

He can not remember anithyng about him. He knows something about "The Maze" and "The Grievers", but he has to stay in "The Area" for proteccion because no one could leave one nigth into the Maze.

Thomas wants to be a Runner but if he goes into The Maze, He will have to Run. He has to Run, or Die.

MAZE RUNNER: Correr o Morir - Segundo Trailer Subtitulado en Español (HD)


The actor are: Dylan O'Brian plays Thomas

Kaya Scodelario plays Teresa

Thomas Bradie plays Newt

King Mong Lee plays Mihno

Will Pouter plays Gally

Alm Amen plays Alby

For us, This movie great and interesting. The actor are so cute and brave, but the costumes are simple and ordinary.

The director did a great job whit the special effects.

The Music was great too.

And The ending was so... was so exiting and a litle sad, but we loved it.

We recommend this film, of couse, Because it is one of the best film.