Psychology A Course Syllabus

Course Dates: December 14, 2015 - January 22, 2016

Teacher: Mrs. Beaty

Hello Psychology Students!!

Welcome to Psychology A! I am so excited to have the opportunity to work with you this term.

How do I reach my teacher?

Phone: 480.760.2402


Google Text: 480. 382.1792

Mrs. Beaty isn't available? You can reach out to her paraprofessional, Ms. Schoen!

Phone: 480.422.8502


Important Information and Links

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Course Description

Psychology A surveys the basic concepts and theories of human behavior and careers in psychology. Emphasis is on the stages of human development, how the body affects the mind and emotions, as well as how the mind and emotions affects the body. This course introduces psychological research techniques and methodology.

I hope you look forward to learning more about why people think and behave the way they do!