Kinder Review

September 23, 2016

Literacy Corner

This week we introduced the students to two new word wall words: I and like. We also learned more about Letterlanders "a" and "c". The students are really doing well learning about the Letterlanders and their sounds.

During our reading lessons this week we learned about the five senses that we use daily, as well as fall. The students enjoyed singing a song about the senses. We read many books about the five senses and connected them to the season of fall. While reading books about fall, we were able to apply the five senses to the season. The students enjoyed a taste testing experiment during snack. We were able to use our senses of sight, smell and taste while eating a variety of food products. We continued to work on print concept, discussing the parts of a book, as well as how to track print in books that we read. We also began our guided reading rotations, where the students can work independently on skills that we have introduced in class, with two of the stations being teacher guided.

Next week we will continue learning about the season of fall, while learning about apples, as well. We will also teach the class new word wall words and learn more Letterland characters with sounds.

The Five Senses Song

Math Lab

This week we reviewed number identification, as well as counting. We introduced the students to shapes. We also began our math rotations, where they were able to work on skills taught in class independently. Again, two of the stations were teacher guided.

Next week we will continue working on numbers and shapes.

Shape Songs - Have Fun Teaching Shape Videos Samples

Parental FYI...

Please remember to send in your child's snack money. We have a snack in class daily. We ask that you not send in extra snacks. We ask that you pay for it monthly ($8), quarterly ($18) or yearly ($72) to help use our time more for instruction.

Please leave your child's "Weekly Report" in their communicators. We file those away for documentation throughout the year. They will be returned to you at the end of the year.

If your child is a lunch boxer, please send items that your child is able to open on their own. If they like foods that they are unable to open, we will teach them how to open them independently. Please practice opening the items at home, as well.

It is pretty cold in our school and classroom. Please send a jacket with your child for when they get chilly. Also, we allow the students to have water bottles at their seats. Feel free to send in a water bottle for your child. Please make sure the bottles have water only.

Please help your child learn how to tie their shoes. We have many students that are taking their shoelaces a loose during lessons, and asking us to tie them during or after the instructional lessons. There are many ways to tie shoes. Below you will find a few videos to use.

Please talk to your child about trying their best in class. There are many students that like to say "I don't want to..." or "I can't..." before they even try. Please inform them that we try our best and give everything a try. Ms. Kennaday and I are here to help them if they truly are having trouble.

Kidz Skillz Presents: Let's Tie Our Shoes!
How To Tie Your Shoes Insanely Fast!
How to Tie a Shoe Step by Step

Dates to Remember

Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2016

Early Release at 1pm

Thursday, Sept. 29, 2016

1st Quarter Interim Reports come home.

Mon.-Fri., October 3-7, 2016

Book Fair Week

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Extended Book Fair Night until 6pm

Reading/Technology Night (5:50-6:30pm)

Friday, October 7, 2016

All Pro Dads (7:30am)

Book Fair Purchasing Day (9:00-9:45am)

Popcorn Buying Day (1:30pm)

Monday, Oct. 10, 2016

Chick-fil-A Night (5-8pm)