Career Project: Law Enforcement

Research, Information and Requirements for this Career

What is Law Enforcement?

Law Enforcement or Criminal Justice is a career with multiple types of jobs where you can serve and protect the community.

Tasks and Responsibilities

There are many tasks and responsibilities in the criminal justice career. There are tasks you have to do like patrol certain areas, and if someone calls for help you have to be quick to get to that location to help that person. And collecting evidence at crime scenes carefully and making reports.
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Education and Training

You train in a Police Academy and you have to study law in college and you need a degree in law to become a police officer or for any other job in the Criminal Justice field.
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Perferred Job Skills

Skills that you need to be good at when you're in the Criminal Justice field is negotiation, active listening, persuasion, speaking, instructing, monitoring, service orientation, and strong social skills
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Job Out Look

It was predicted in the near future that the outlook will increase up to 7%


Police Officers earn $56,000, Sherrif's patrol officers earn $60,650, and for government agencies they earn $56,160.

Work Enviroment

Police academies, are first line- emergency workers who investigate crimes and patrol communities and respond to accidents. Police Officers work on a full time basis. Officers are more likely to get hurt and injured on the job (from assault or accidents) they are risking their life to protect citizens everyday. They are assigned certain areas/districts to patrol for certain amount of hours.
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Career Connections

"It's hard and tiring work, but you have to cope with it because you're protecting a whole community and they're counting on you to protect them." - Chris Cahlie (my uncle who is a Chicago police officer"

High School Preperation Requirements

You can take classes about law or join clubs. And even visit a police academy or department and see what they do and ask questions.

Post Secondary Plans

Good Colleges you can go to for law enforcment are Triton College. University of Chicago