Radiologic Technologist

ONLY a 2 year program

All you need to know about "Rad Techs!"

Job Description

  • We include tasks such as: capturing the image, obtaining the best quality image, and ensuring the patients are comfortable and safe. Even though we do not completely diagnose the problem, the Rad Tech must be able to effectively explain the procedure to the patient.


  • Radiologic Technologist salary ranges anywhere from $41,600 (low) -- $81,150 (high)
  • Ultrasound Technicians salary ranges from $41,000 (low) -- $77,500 (high)

Available Jobs

  • Every major hospital/emergency room has to have a Radiologist Technician; for ultra sounds, x-rays, and CAT scans or MRIs. Some clinics, and even dentist offices, also have "Rad Techs."