OdysseyWare & Schoology

Lunch & Learn Sessions sponsored by CRESD113 DLRC

Lunch & Learn Sessions at Capital Region ESD113


Date: January 29th

Time: 10a – 2p

Where: CRESD113, Mason Room

Session: 48676

Open Classroom. A dynamic, intuitive, and user-centric learning management solution (LMS) focused on making improvement accessible in diverse educational environments. With custom webpage and content creation, interactive collaboration capabilities, and seamless, third-party application integration, Schoology empowers educators, inspires students, and simplifies administrative tasks across the board. Register at www.myesd.org.

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Date: February 13, 2014

Time: 10a – 1:30p

Where: CRESD113, Pacific Room

Session: 48674

Smarter Online Learning. Web-based learning management system that features a media-rich curriculum for elementary, middle, and high school students. Includes Common Core Assessment and Remediation Tool. Register at www.myesd.org.

Our Commitment to CCSS, TPEP, & a Response to Your Unique Technology Challenges & Opportunities

We commit to CCSS and TPEP principles within our workshop training sessions. We will continue to assist educators and administrators in the implementation of technology for school improvement, administrative efficiency, and preparation of your 21st century learners.

Is your school ready for the next wave of digital educational opportunities and challenges?

We would like to partner with you for a complete Technology Review of your building or district. Planning for the future with your technology committee we will conduct a review that includes teacher, student, and parent surveys. We will convene focus groups and compile reports for your board of directors and community including data to inform decision making. Contact our office at 360-464-6781.

Capital Region ESD113 DLRC

Providing teachers and students with 21st Century Educational Digital Resources using technology implementation ideas, streaming of educational media, online research databases, and libraries.