Hit That Volleyball!

By: Eryn Hauser


 started playing volleyball because my big sister Ashley played all her life, and I loved watching her play. The first time I picked up a volleyball it felt like it was made for me. I would make my sister go to the backyard and teach me how to play.  Ever since then, I have loved to play volleyball.  


My sister taught me to always have my hand open and follow through. If I did my approach, left right left, I would always hit the ball hard.  Every time I go up to hit the ball I think of my sister giving me this advice. “Don’t be afraid to hit someone in the face. Just focus on the ball and don’t give up. Keep your hand open, follow through, and do your approach .Don’t forget, the faster you swing the harder you hit!”  That was always in my head.


 To focus before a big game, I always listens to music. Like most people I know, music helps calm the nerves.  Country music is the best music for things like that. It pumps you up, but at the same time it helps you focus. While I listen to the music I think about what I have to do to do well.


With all of the words of advice from my big sister I have become a volleyball player with a lot of potential.  In the future I hope to be the volleyball player I was taught to be. Playing my best at every game, working hard to do my best, and standing out to collage recruits.  Playing for the Round Rock Dragon volleyball team.
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