Kerem's Smore On Winds!(not edible)

You will learn about global winds,local winds, & more! :)

What is the invisible force that pushes you?

That invisible force is called wind. Wind is air in motion. When you ride your bike and suddenly you start going faster that is wind pushing you along. That type of wind is called local winds, since it is near the Earth's surface.

What Causes Winds?

Winds are cause by air pressure, and unequal heating of Earths atmosphere. Sometimes the sun hits directly onto a spot, and sometimes it doesn't, and that is one way that wind is made.

The Two Groups of Winds

Global Winds

Global winds are winds that travel over a large area like the Earth! The types of global winds are Doldrums, Horse Latitudes, Trade Winds, Jet Stream, Prevailing Westerlies, and the Polar Easterlies. Global winds are impossible to feel since they are so high in the Earths atmosphere.They are formed by air pressure, which happens because there are large convection currents that occur between the equator and the poles.

Local Winds

Local winds are winds that move across small parts of the Earths atmosphere. Local winds often change speed and temperature. These winds are the winds that you feel if you are outside.Sea Breezes and Land breezes are types of local winds.Local winds are formed by the unequal heating of Earths surface in a small area.