Anna Leafblad

by Auston

Do you know someone who is smart, funny, and likes to laugh a lot? Those words describe my friend, Anna LeafBlad. This is her story.

This is Anna's early life. She liked to hit pots and pans together! I bet that was a funny sight to see! She was adopted when she was a baby. She was about eight months old when the adoption took place. When her mother brought Anna home she felt excited!

Anna is known for being a dancer. She takes tap-dance lessons and she also takes hip hop, jazz and lyrical. Her favorite is tap dance. She has been dancing for 8 years!! It must be hard to do that! She lives in Mankato MN.And here are some fun facts .So her favorite candy bar is 3 Musketeer. She is the only kid in the family.She is allergic to dust,red die ,and nurds candy.She loves to swim and shop.Hates going to the Mall and wrights with her left hand.

Anna is a great friend.

The end