Connor Peters, 3rd hour

Why are Macromolecules so Important to Learn?

Macromolecules are molecules that have in them a large number of atoms. They are important because, as the "ingredients of life", they are necessary for us to live. We need to consume macromolecules in order to survive.


The monomers of protein are amino acids. The protein itself is the polymer, as it is made of amino acids. Its function in our bodies is that it is responsible for digestion, it carries oxygen through the blood, and helps grow our hair and nails. Uses peptide (covalent) bonds.


The monomers of carbohydrates are monosaccharides. The poylmers are polysaccharides. Its function in our bodies is giving our cell walls structure, and for short periods of time, storing our energy. Many of its contents end in "-ose".


The monomers of lipids are fatty acids, and the polymers are triglycerides. The functions of lipids in our body include long term energy storage, immunity, organ protection and even insulation. Lipids are nonpolar, and for that reason do not dissolve in water.

Nucleic Acid

The monomers of nucleic acid are nucleotides, while RNA & DNA are the polymers. Nucleic acid helps make proteins, and are found in the nucleus of every cell.