Lomas Nation

Team Recognition ~ May 2015

1/2 Way to Nation

Jessica Cherry

Allison Winkler

Kimberly Woodruff

Lauren Bryant

1/2 Way to Region

Susie Weiler

Blair Profitt

New Area Manager

Sarah Brewer

Area Manager in Qualification

Tara Barber

New District Manager

Nan Franklin of Boone NC promoted by Mary Adams

Taelor Critcher of Boone NC promoted by Breanna Brown

TJ Ingram of West Palm Beach promoted out by Brooke Smith

James Porter of Lynchburg VA promoted out by Lauren Bryant

Heather Rea of Lynchburg VA promoted out by Sarah Brewer

Cyndal Mitchell of Lynchburg VA promoted out by Jessica Cobb

District Manager in Qualification

Judy Lawrence

Marianne Armstrong

Michelle Cormier

Jenae Gosselin

Laura Killette

Amanda Bristow

Elizabeth Byrd

Caroline Chenoweth

Jennifer Chudzik

Marissa Dickinson

Jessica DiMartino

Lisa Eudy

Donna Harrington

Liam Hudson

Jasmine Lomas

James Simpson

Jennifer Watkins

Racheal Winsor

Cheray Zumaeta

Missy Bagley

​Nichole Eury

Danielle Horoschak

Sandi Howard

Katrina Lateef

Katie McNeill

Ashlee Sides

Andrea Thurm

Jillian Lissy
Ashlyn Austin
Mallory Kupfer
Alaina McHugh
Meagan Canipe
Heidi Aradas

Taylor Campbell

Lynsy Howe

Sarah Woodworth

Gillian Baker

Mallori Perkins

Brenda Byrum

Chelsea Damon

Kelly Beckner

Robyn Cleavenger

Margaret Scalcione

Sherilyn Stoner

Kaitlyn Lutz

Paula Gilman

Vickie Fleming

Adria Day

Robin Mayberry

Kelly Barr

Camille Bender

Lori Fink

Molly Johnson

Nicole Arrington

Rachel Mullen

Brittany Baldassarre

Kristen Bowles

Donna Wright

Caroline Axmon

Top Districts in Beth Lomas' Region

Susie Weiler - $5,069

Julie Ueleke - $5,012

Dana Lane - $4,457

Beth Lomas - $4,377

Julie Quill - $3,720

Top Districts in Brian Lomas' Region

Tara Barber - $10,011

Samantha Leimkuhler - $5,049

Brian Lomas - $4,112

Sean Estwick - $2,345

Top Districts in Rachel Weiler's Region

Rachel Weiler - $​15,178

Danielle Meadows - $​6,832

​Emily English - $​6,012

Top Districts in Jessica Cherry's Region

Jessica Cherry - $8,189

Jessica Brown - $7,396

Holly Wyke - $3,475

Top Districts in Allison Winkler's Region

Kristina Pate - $7,215

Christine Boyer - $5,150

Allison Winkler - $5,116

Blair Proffit - $4,698

Breanna Brown - $4,251

Top Districts in Kimberly Woodruff's Region

Brooke Smith - $6,836

Emily Taylor- $5,024

Kimberly Woodruff - $5,002

Top Districts in Lauren Bryant's Region

Lauren Bryant - $15,733

Sharon Lester - $5,743

Stephanie Pinner - $5,352

Laurie Duplantis - $4,964

Sarah Brewer - $4,630

Top Districts in Nicole Alexander's Region

Austin Bruner - $6,815

Nicole Alexander - $5,222

Ashleigh Potter - $3,842

Colleen Delaney - $2,517

Top Districts in Janet Bugden's Region

Janet Bugden $5,877

Lisa Mallyon $5,793

Natasha Arora - $3,310

Lisa Lucas - $3,091

Hayley Sneedon - $2,792

Top Sponsoring in the Lomas Nation

Lisa Mallyon 13

Christine Boyer 12

Janet Bugden 11

Lauren Bryant 9

Sarah Woodworth 8

Kacee Tannenbaum 8

Tara Barber 8

Holly Wyke 8

Melisa Bryant 8

Region Vice President & Trifecta Earner!

Lauren Bryant

Area Manager Bonus Earners

Lauren Bryant

Brian Lomas

Rachel Weiler

Nicole Alexander

Janet Bugden

Blair Proffit

District Manager Bonus Earners

Susie Weiler

Julie Ueleke

Tara Barber

Samantha Leimkuhler

​Emily English

Danielle Meadows

Rachel Weiler

Jessica Cherry
Jessica Brown

Allison Winkler

Christine Boyer

Kristina Pate

Brooke Smith

Kimberly Woodruff

Emily Taylor

Austin Bruner

Nicole Alexander

Meant to Be Up to Me Award

TJ Ingram

Katrina Lateef

Blair Proffit

Denise Amir

Heather Rea

Jillian Lissy

Michelle Cormier

Chris Mengel

Ashleigh Potter

On Track for Magic of Manhattan Challenge

Rachel Weiler

Lauren Bryant

Tara Barber

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