The Darkness is Coming

How will we survive with no lightbulb in the lamp

No Sun?

The sun disappeared in the last few days. No one knows how it happened but many people have froze to death and at least 100 million people have died in the last two days. There have been many huge earthquakes and floods everywhere in the world. The gravity has been massively effected and the state of California has broken off and floated into the Islands of Hawaii.The people who are still living are fearing for their lives and many have gone into shelters. I repeat do not go outside under any circumstance and good luck.


We might think that life will immediately die and nothing will live. But People and animals and smaller organisms will be able to survive with proper care and attention. If we have enough food we should live with each other for quite a while look at this link for more information:
Many studies have been done to find out what would happen if the sun was gone. There is still hope there is going to be rallies and meetings at the town center to find out what is going on and haw we can help those are tonight a 5:00 in Down town Wilmington please come and help and get more informed.