Trip To Paris

Have Fun


We will be leaving Sunday May 19, at 5:10 pm. There will be no stops on our way there it will be over night , we will arrive in Paris at 8:02am the next day. We will be leaving Wed May 22 at 10:20 AM. We will stop one time in Chicago, then will return to Iowa at 2:10 pm


We will be staying at the Saint James Hotel the links at the bottom tells you and shows you what it looks like. It is about $603 a night

A glimpse of the Saint James Paris by

Day 1

we will have a pass to skip the line to museums ect. so the first day we will visit Notre Dame ,and the Louver . We will eat at the Le Maurice. then we will visit the Eiffel tower when the sun is setting


Monday, May 20th, 9am

Notre Dame

Day 2

We will wake up and go to breakfast the Pierre Herme . We have a buss tour the rest of the day wich will stop at all the famous places and at night will stop at an opera