Main Beliefs

Buddhism teaches their followers to help each other and find inner peace.Buddha thought of his followers as lotus flowers.Mostly because to him Lotus flowers were a sign of fortune and the purity of the body.the book that is used is the Quran. They believe in reincarnation.People who follow this religion go to Buddhist temples, where ponds and flowers grow all around them to represent peace.

Important cities of Buddhism

Hyderabad was an important city because it held the largest statue until it tipped over and fell into the ocean, also killing 8 workers.and in the ruins of Wat Mahathat (The Temple of the Great Relic) there is an unusual sand stone statue of Buddha inside of a tree.they are both important because they hold the largest statues and the most temples in the world.

Central/main figure of Buddhism

Buddha is the central figure of Buddhism.Without him Buddhism would have never been created,witch would mean we wouldn't have that much Buddhist temples and statues of that religion.

Events happening

Thursday, Feb. 6th, 5pm

3100 Cedar Cross Rd

Dubuque, IA

They are discussing what the Great Lamp of the Dharma Dhāraṇī means to them and why it is important