The best movie ever

Fast and Furious 7

Fast and Furious 7 is the best movie ever !

The film : After defeating Owen Shaw and his team In fast and Furious 6, Dominique Tourette's and Brian O'Connor and the rest of the team returning to the United States to conduct a normal life again. Dom tries to help Letty respond and recover her memory after he goes with her to the desert racing cars that are invented, "Wars races", where Letty competing and winning, but snatches flashbacks since the accident and fled the scene, while Brian gets used to his pain fresh.

Meanwhile, the older brother of Owen, Deckard Shaw broke into the hospital where he lay paralyzed Owen and swears revenge against Doom and his team, he broke into the office of agent Luke Hobbs Diplomatic Security Service to make a portrait of Staff of Doom and Doom itself.

After it was revealed the identity of Deckard is struggling Hobbs and fled, leaving behind a time bomb that forces Hobbes and his partner Elena Nibs jump from the building to the roof of a parked vehicle. Dom learns from his sister Mia that she was pregnant again and convinces her to tell Brian about it, but she hesitates and fears that it would make Brian disappointed her. Bomb sent to his home in the Tokyo Dome suddenly explodes and destroys the home of attention after Deckard calls to attention and tells him that he is more familiar with it, along with the death of Han in Tokyo.

Dom visitor later defeated the wounded lying in the hospital and from Deckard intractable show is an assassin, a former commando of the British Special Forces, who is looking for revenge. Hobbs warned to stay away from Deckard Dom officially but unofficially notes Dom must do what he feels fit to do to protect those he loves, and not miss.

Dom goes to Tokyo to demand that the body of Han, where he meets Sean Boswell third film, one of his friends Han and his students, which gives him personal effects found on the body of Han, including chain Dom tried to find for Letty and a picture of his beloved Han, Gisele who was killed in the previous film.

Presenter: Yarin tabibi

Class : H3

Teacher : Nirit