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Instructional Reminders: Rigor, Classworks, Worksheets, and a Math Resoure!

1. Don't forget to watch the rigor session or read the article (see below) for Tuesday's meeting. We will meet in the media center!

2. Please make sure you are doing Classworks, and Classworks only in the computer lab. Mrs. Rone will be supporting students as they work. Teachers should be conferencing with students regarding the Classwork assignments, and watching how the kids are performing. We will also add Reflex Math to a Classwork Lab Rotation soon.

3. Worksheets - Your independent stations and work throughout the day should not be worksheet based. Please think about other ways to hold kids accountable for their learning during your day. I am seeing too many worksheets during my walkthroughs.

4. What do you think of the math assessments on this site? Do they align with some of your instruction? Could you use this potential resource? Online Math Resource Page

This Week

Kudos to all bus drivers! It's Bus Driver Appreciation Week!


Monday: Fire Drill Around 10! PBIS Meeting after school!

Tuesday: Staff Meeting:
At our staff meeting on Tuesday we will be talking about rigor. In order to save time, please refresh yourself with the definition of rigor. Either watch the 3 minute video or read the short article.

Thanks so much!


Wednesday: Poston at Principal's Meeting. Mrs. Parks and Mrs. Cardman at MTSS Workshop. Candy Gram Sale Ends!


Friday: Fab Friday! Mr. Poston/Ms. Chicchi, Mrs. Cardman and Mrs. Lane at District Rigor Training

Mark your Calendars:

PES Talent Show - Tuesday, February 16th

Kudos to Ms. Ewald and all the staff who made International Night a Success!! More Kudos to Tanya, Dee, Robin, and Cynthia for covering classes and testing this week!! Thank you Mrs. Rhodes for your work in EC!!