Should Cheer become a Sport?

By- Emily Houston and Ellie Madsen

Iconic American Pastime

Cheerleading is no longer the sideline cheering for football or basketball. Today more than 400,000 people cheer. There are two main types of cheer, school and all star. School cheer is where a routine is prepared, used for competition and half time at games. The second type of cheerleading is an Allstar cheerleader, who is strictly competitive and partly similar to highschool cheerleading. All stars prepare a two minute and 30 second routine but it is strictly used for competition only. Both types of cheer involve a high energy routine that you need to be dedicated to, just as any other sport like basketball or football. The athletes that are committed to cheer often have the struggle of people telling them that cheer is not a sport.


The Benefits of Cheerleading

Cheer like other sports involves several hours of practice each week. College level cheer have streghtn training and normal practices. During cheer practices the cheerleaders must do excersices to build muscle up. Along with building muscles they must also build staminate so they can complete they high energy performences. During practice a cheer team will go over there routine over and over till they get the timing right, timing for a cheer routine is very crucial. A team is together a lot, many hours each week. All the time they spend together leads to them becoming closer. Cheer can teach kids essential life skills, teamwork, dis Before and after practices cheerleaders must have a full stretch to prevent injury, not stretching can easily led to pulled muscles. By stretching often they're flexibility will improve which is very useful for stunting. Cheerleaders have flexible muscles which helps with their high kicks, jumps, stunts, and splits.

Cons of cheerleading

Many people consider cheer the most expensive sport. A simple pair of infinity cheer shoes can cost about $110 and they only last one season. An average cheerleading uniform can cost $700-$1000 and even higher for some allstar uniforms. And that is in including those which can cost over $25 and the make up so your face doesn't wash out on stage. And more importantly than the cost of cheerleading is the dangers. Falling out of a simple stunt can cause fatal injuries or even death. Another activity in the routine that is highly risky is tumbling. Tumbling is the activity where you flip and twist your body. One wrong move and you have a broken neck. Falls out of a stunt can cause extreme trust issues. But if you like the sport then go for it.


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